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GrandCentral is a company Out of Africa, about its People, Passion, and Technology. We have not chosen the continent of our birth, but we can dare to predict its future by creating it. We believe that “a commitment to innovation is the key to leadership and value-creation in the competitive 21st century. Information and Communications technologies offer a unique proposition to us as individuals, to our generation and to the larger African stakeholder community hoping for quantum change in our development opportunities. And we will succeed because we are deeply convicted that we have a generational mandate for change and the courage to pursue our vision.”



GrandCentral is a technology integrator with an information ecology strategic posture that embraces affiliate partners holding recognised, world-class specific technology competencies and a passion for Africa. We are the trusted providers of end-to-end technology solutions with vertical specialisation in Government, Education, Oil & Gas, and Media/Entertainment and Financial Services. Our horizontal competencies are tightly focussed on:

  • Business Infrastructure Systems & Support: moving IT infrastructure into role of a strategic enabler of business capability is a challenge that drives organisations to grow internal IT capacity that competes with core business functions in terms of size and complexity of operations. It is clear that the merging competitive environment will demand greater efficiency in the face of declining margins.
    Collaboration and Process Integration Systems: a focus on unlocking the inherent power of individual employee or partner in the value chain is intrinsically linked to the strength of the collaborative infrastructure, culture and supporting processes in the organisation.

  • Integrated Customer Interaction and Transaction Systems: the goal of a growth business is to get closer to the customer, improving interaction through deeper understanding of needs and how to fulfil those needs. Integrating channels through controlled or managed obsolescence, discovery and innovation as parallel processes is both art and science.

  • Knowledge Management and Learning Systems:  gathering, communicating and sharing an organization's intellectual capital through a knowledge management system is the key to the agile, innovative organisation. Once built and activated, it tends to take on a life of its own, creativity and communication blossom, adding value in new (and sometimes unforeseen and hopefully disruptive) ways.

From consulting to solutions delivery and support, we offer a tightly integrated set of core competencies that are unique. We see a Borderless, Competitive Africa offering exciting opportunities to aggregate the relatively isolated and fragmented IT capacity currently into large single integration blocks that have stronger value propositions to clients as a single point of contact.  We see a borderless Africa; rich with excitement, dynamism and reward for the enterprising.



Our goal is to address the need for an end-to-end technology solutions company with vertical specialisation in specific economic sectors and horizontal competencies in specific technologies. We believe this is enabled by a vibrant public sector in strong symbiotic partnerships with the private sector – we intend to be bridge-builders as well as architects of this matrix through technology. GrandCentral is a place where Aspirations meet Commitment.